Who has stinky pants?...

Men - if you are getting on a plane, please leave the cologne your lady friend gave you for Christmas at home - yuck.
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SaraB said...

I am so excited you sent me your blog info! I laughed reading them and know I will enjoy the future ones! Still the same fun girl I loved being around back then and can't wait to hear more from you!

Glad you enjoyed the Aloha State!!


Carter Family said...

You are the funniest person!!! I sure have missed your rantings! Post some pics so I can see your cute brood and fam! Love Ya, Marlo

Amy Jo said...

Yay for blogging! Your blog is hillarious, I practically laughed out loud multiple times from my desk at work. Sounds like Hawaii was quite fabulous!


Thanks for your comment. Miscarriages bite. It's nice to hear that you are so interested in becoming a midwife. I found myself completely unprepared for the process of a miscarriage.

I wish I would have had someone like you talk me through it all. I had no idea the pain would be that great, that my milk would come in, or that I would hold our baby.

I remain in full support of your desire to help women through, not only the birth process, but the process when things go awry.

and- love your blog! I dream of having witty things to say... in my next life perhaps. For now it's me, my travel log, and my daily life as a first time momma.