Rants In My Pants April Giveaway Winner

Here it is people.  The moment you've been waiting for... and waiting for... and waiting for... at least that's what I've been told.  Apparently I am late at announcing April's winner.  In the future "I will not allow my personal tragedy to effect/affect my ability to do good hair"... or blogging as the case may be.  (I actually have not had a personal tragedy, I just like that line.)

So... without further delay... Congratulations to Melissa Haas.  You are this month's winner.  Enjoy your bag... and yeah earth!

ps - thanks as always to our great sponsor:  A Beach Breeze.  (Now go buy something from her.)
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{You must remember to put on your pants}

Here's something that you could make into one of those "spend more time with your family it won't kill you and it could be funny every once in awhile" TV ads... When you pull up to the Elementary School where your niece is performing as "Butterfly #1" in the first grade production about bugs at a picnic and you're noticing how nice all of the families look as they walk into the gym... and then, as you're parking your car, your own first grader announces "Oh, umm, Mom?  Yeah, we need to go home, 'cause I've got on clean socks, but I forgot my shoes".  

I'm sure it could happen to anyone, son.
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{Rants In My Pants April Giveaway Featuring A Beach Breeze}

As some of you may have noticed our monthly giveaway went on an unexpected vaca in March.  We finally tracked it down and made it come home to do some work.  Slacker.  I think I'll forgive it though, because, in honor of Earth Day and farmer's markets  (our's opens in 2 weeks) and  the idealistic little college guy who tried to get me to sign a petition to outlaw plastic grocery store bags in Oregon, the giveaway brings you...

 A super chic reusable shopping bag from A Beach Breeze based in Dallas Texas.

This bag is reclaimed and upcycled.  In a former life it was a bed sheet, but now, after a little nip and tuck, by shop owner Erin, it's been transformed into a really cute and environmentally responsible reusable shopping bag.  It is also a contortionist. (In a good way.  Not a creepy "hey, where are your joints" way.) There's a little pocket in the front that the whole bag folds into so that it can fit in a purse or diaper bag or back pocket like a wallet.  You've got to admit - that's pretty cool.  Now you won't have to be that person at the store who has no room in the cart for actual groceries because it's full of reusable bags falling all over the place.

A little bit about the brains behind the bag... Erin (owner of A Beach Breeze) is a Kansas girl who went to design school in Denver and then made her way down to Dallas (where as far as I know there are no beach breezes.  Sad).  She comes from a long line of seamstress wizards, namely her mom and grandma. She attributes her love of vintage fabric to the time she spent playing around her grandmother as she quilted.  (I love that by the way.  Hey, I wonder if she does pants.)  She's also a passionate recycler... hence the giveaway prize... which brings me to... the giveaway rules.

To be entered in this month's giveaway please visit A Beach Breeze's Etsy shop.  Hustle your pants right back here and leave a comment about your favorite item.  That is worth ONE ENTRY and one chance to win.
If you just can't stand losing and would like to rack up some additional entries, listen up.  You can earn ONE ADDITIONAL ENTRY EACH by:
  • becoming a follower of Rants In My Pants (my blog must show up on the "blogs I'm following" portion of your dashboard or it doesn't count).  If you are already a follower you can use this one too.
  • linking to the giveaway from your blog or website 
  • posting a link to the giveaway on Facebook
  • Tweeting about the giveaway 
  • taking one the buttons from my sidebar for your blog
  • and/or writing a post on your blog about the giveaway

If you purchase something from our generous sponsor (in the month in which they are featured), you will earn 5 ADDITIONAL ENTRIES.  (I'll need an invoice number or some other type of verification so that I can double check with our sponsor.  Like I said, I don't want cheaters to prosper.)

YOU MUST leave a different comment for each entry. (Example:  One comment with your favorite thing and a different comment saying you are a follower).  If you don't, don't blame me when you don't get your rightful chances.  I will use random.org's random number generator to pick our winner.  The winner's name will be posted on Rants In My Pants and will be notified via email.  They will have 24 hours from the time of the post with the big announcement to claim their prize.  If the prize is not claimed within the time limit, everyone (except the "too bad for you" winner) will stand up and cheer, because we'll try again with the random number, claim it within 24hrs. thing.

This deadline for entering this giveaway is April 26th, 2010 @ 5pm PST.

Good Luck.

This giveaway is open to US residents only.
Must be 18 to enter.  If you're not 18, get your parent to enter for you.


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