{You must remember to put on your pants}

Here's something that you could make into one of those "spend more time with your family it won't kill you and it could be funny every once in awhile" TV ads... When you pull up to the Elementary School where your niece is performing as "Butterfly #1" in the first grade production about bugs at a picnic and you're noticing how nice all of the families look as they walk into the gym... and then, as you're parking your car, your own first grader announces "Oh, umm, Mom?  Yeah, we need to go home, 'cause I've got on clean socks, but I forgot my shoes".  

I'm sure it could happen to anyone, son.
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grammy said...

There are probably worse things he could have forgotten, but maybe didn't feel like it at the time.

mrs. olson said...

That is so funny. I got to church one time when I was little and realized I'd forgotten shoes..

carmar76 said...

LOL but at least they were CLEAN socks!

Alymcb said...

I thought of you last Saturday as we pulled into the parking lot for C & W's first piano recital, nicely attired and ON TIME, no less, and our Mr. H asked, "Mom, where are my shoes?" Across the bridge, in our home. However, W. covered for us by rearranging the audience chairs (metal on polished wood floors) in the rented fancy hall during the recital closing speech. I was out of the room with the slightly vocal baby (and my husband was at work), but I could still hear people on the other side of the room asking one another, "What is he DOING?!"
It was fun.