Have they not read 'Rants in My Pants?"

There has been yet another tropical storm/hurricane/lots of rain episode and still not a one named after me. Clearly this is a gross oversite by the National Weather Service which must be remedied. (After all, who can you think of that is more hurricane-ish than me?)

Unlike my Jenny, Amy, Jessica, Michelle, Stephanie, and Erin generational name counterparts - I haven't had my name on so much as a pencil. (Jenny even got her own song and phone number - which I bet you've actually tried calling at least once.) Even the stuff that was supposed to have my name on it was usually misspelled - (did I spell that right?) And so, National Weather Service storm namer guy, I am employing a technique of persuasion that, as the mother of three, I hear with sickening regularity - NOT FAIR.

Because, even though life isn't fair, the naming of hurricanes should be, so get the word out people: Hurricane Endre '08 - because it's less messy than the other campaigns happening this fall.
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Carter Family said...

I love the pics w/ your kids. Avery looks alot like Nika did when she was little. How old is Henderson? Avery? And your little cutie? I know this blog is not about them... but I don't get to see them at church every week... so I'm looking for the details! :)