Stay Calm and Keep Your Pants On

Here's a little history-ish lesson: during World War II, Winston Churchill commissioned a poster which, though relatively famous now, was not widely used or well known in his time.  Winston wanted to get the word out that in the face of some very undesirable things, all you've got to do is "keep calm and carry on".  Well thanks a lot Mr.Churchill for those words of advice... we couldn't agree more.

As many of you know, my nieces Arden (age 9) and her sister Naya (age 8 months) have cystic fibrosis- a disease that effects their lungs and pancreases (which is the plural of pancreas... I Googled it).

As of today the life expectancy for a person with CF is 37 years.  I am 36.  I am not ready to die, and I'm guessing that when they are my age, they won't be either.   Luckily the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is supporting all kinds of amazing research that is bringing treatments to market to help my nieces outlive their mother.  But they need money... and that means we need you.

So,... because I believe that the best way to say "thank you" is with something special, we are offering these super-rad necklaces to everyone who gives to the cause.  If you'd like one of these little cuties, all you have to do is click here to go to Arden and Naya's family Great Strides page and donate $10 (or more - whatever) to their fundraising effort.  Seriously people, it's not that hard...the donation is tax deductible... and your neck will thank you.

Keep calm, breathe on, and help us cure CF.

And now...the low down on the pretty-

  • Each charm is handmade and comes with a little silver chain (as pictured) or one of those silver ring things that allows you to turn it into a key chain  (C'mon boys... real men love themselves a pink keychain.
  • Please leave an email address in the comment section of the donation page (or email me via my blog) so that I can contact you for shipping info.  Also, please specify which color combo you'd like... otherwise you get what you get and you don't throw a fit...( and I can tell you right now you will either get the really dark brown one, or the really light pink one because those are my favorites.) 
  • The back of each charm is randomly finished in polka dots or little flowers.
  • Each charm is handmade to order.  This means that there may be slight variation from piece to piece.
  • Please remember - these charms are made from glass tiles and resin so they are water resistant, but are not something you should wear in the shower unless you want a plain 1" glass tile on a string.

All charms are in combinations of brown and pink.
 When you donate please leave an email address where you can be reached and specify
the dark, medium, or light variation of your preferred background color in the donation message area.

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Jana said...

I went to the site and donated but I forgot to put my email in the comments because sometimes I am a moron. It's dan4jana@yahoo.com