{ 6 Pants, 5 seats }

Do you remember that riddle about crossing a river in a boat with a fox and a chicken and a bag of grain.  I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but I'm pretty sure that it ends with the poor guy in the boat spending all of his time making trips across the stupid river instead of getting on with a life full of eggs and bread and ...a pet fox. (Maybe the guy in the boat watched too many Disney movies as a kid.)

Since the birth of our fourth child, my life is becoming increasingly similar to that guy in the boat.  For a couple of years now, our family has owned one car.  A good friend of mine, had generously been allowing us to drive one of her unused vehicles, but that offer is up due to the fact that kids have a pesky habit of  turning 16, taking driver's ed and then wanting to drive their mom's car.  This would be a much smaller dilemma if a.) our car came with as many seats as there are people in our family, b.) there were no such thing as seatbelt laws  or c.) my husband's suits didn't get all wrinkly when riding in the trunk.

As two thirds of my options are frowned upon by the State of Oregon, we need to sell our current car (I'll just say that getting to church right now makes that boat riddle look easy).  Hopefully then I'll be able to buy my dream vehicle ... anything with 6 or more seats, preferably with flames or the face of Jerry Garcia painted on the side. ( I did find what I thought was a keeper on Craigslist.  $800.  How often do I really need "reverse" anyway?)

So... if you or anyone you know is looking for a 2006 Passat  3.6L 4 Motion Sport let me know.  (Obviously that description was written by my husband - I would've said "silver car, possibly some kind of VW, not broken".  Sorry Gloria Steinem, but there it is.) Just click the "E.mail" button on the sidebar to contact me.  If you play your cards right I just might throw in a chicken and a fox.
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side of fries said...

How do you make a car ad so funny? No, really. You make me laugh out loud all the time! Good luck on the car adventure.

mrs. olson said...

We're looking to upgrade from a 5 passenger to something bigger since we're expecting #3 and I don't like having to climb over kids to help them get buckled. Hopefully we can both find something equally awesome.

The Laundry Queen said...

Good luck with that. The husband would probably love the Passat, but I don't think we're in the market. If we were, I'd have to insist you throw in the bag of grain. I'm contemplating learning to make good bread. We're a one-car family, too, but luckily ours is a big one. The kind I SWORE I'd never get. Oh, well, it works.

e. said...

I actually had chickens for awhile. I miss them so much. They are the best "pets" ever. Not good in the car though.

Chelly said...

Here's an idea~ let Derek ride in the trunk, only keep his suit hanging in the backseat~ no wrinkles! And I ask you, what guy doesn't love curling up in fetal position in the dark, bumping around~ it's just like mother's womb!

We're in the same situation (one less child) but we keep trying to save up to buy a new car, only to wind up dumping that money into repairs on the undesireable car (took it into the shop this morning~ AGAIN!) Would a horse and buggy really be all that frowned upon? *sigh* Good luck!