Just sitting around in my baggy pants


Just a couple of quick things.

First - Seriously, not one comment on my global warming manifesto? I'm a little disappointed. I was sure that like me you would all have nothing better to do than be absorbed in all things bloggy because of the total absence of warmth, sun and the ability to leave the house. (The pitch of that crazy little voice in my head is getting progressively higher and louder with each passing day stuck inside with my children and I'm seriously considering the suicide by hypothermia thing. I give myself 8 minutes. Tops.) And...

I think that my bum might be permanently stuck to my yellow velvet wing back chair (that's right -yellow velvet wing back... awesome) because as I just pointed out, it is still snowy and icy and cold - (for real snow and ice and cold, not just the Oregon poser kind) and I have been sitting here, in the same spot working on my blog all day. (I'm becoming like that king in the Shel Silverstein poem that only ate peanut butter sandwiches and his jaws stuck together for 50 years or something - except it's my bum, sticking to the chair - like I already said). Seriously, my kids are eating cereal out of baggies and the last time I checked, only 2 were accounted for.

So. As many of you know I've been working on my doula certification for awhile and I really want to finish it up... so that I can start getting paid. (Not super benevolent, but there it is.) So. I've got a new blog : bellybirthblog.blogspot.com (and it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself) where you can find out what the heck a doula is, read about my journey toward full doulaship , and get info about all things childbirth (books, research, baby slings/wraps/carriers, lactation/breastfeeding, fertility etc).

So. If you know anyone in the Portland area that is looking for a really awesome and enthusiastic and FREE labor doula, I would love to hear from them. Just point them toward my blog or they can reach me at bellybirth@gmail.com. I am aiming for one or two births a month, and already have one scheduled for May, so.. chop, chop people. Go find me some pregnant girls and pass the doula love along. (Yes, it is legal.)

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The Laundry Queen said...

Oh, I wanted to comment on your last post SO bad-- it made me laugh really hard, and I thought it was very clever. But, I didn't want to seem like one of those people who just HAS to comment on everything written (even though I'd like to). Plus, we haven't seen each other in, like, a gazillion years, so I'm not sure how much you'd like me to comment.

I, too, have nothing else to do but sit and write on my own blog, or wait (impatiently, I might add!) for others to post so I have something to read. I just don't want to seem like a blogger stalker (even though maybe, quite possibly, I am a little).

There. See? A really long comment to make up for the lack of one on your last post.

PS I'm jealous of your yellow velvet wingback chair. I'd love one, but yellow SO isn't my color and people would probably ask me if I'm sick every time I sat in it. It would get annoying, so I'll sit in yours vicariously through you.

Nika Travis and Ayda said...

my death is going to come by stabbing, yes you heard me right. I am going to take the little hammers from "don't break the ice" and stab myself until I die!! (I realize it might take awhile, so I may also have to join you outside to wrap things up!)

Happy Holmes said...

blame the snow on Nika. She stuck it in her pocket and crossed enemy lines into your state!

Tell her to move back!

Love the new layout. I took the liberty of your shweet little icon on the side and too have a new layout!

I love that you are becoming a doula. though I will never go through natural labor again that whole breast feeding help could come in handy.. I am currently a drop out in that department. Which in turn means my wallet was a lot lighter during Fin's first year of life. bummer.

Now to end this lengthy message (who's to say you are only going to skim) wink! send me your email address to makulit99@msn.com and i'll send you an invite to my blog, I know you are just dying to read it! Zero wit and a lot of bad spelling. Why are my pants not as fancy as yours?

pixie cut said...

I'll give Nika the what-for about the snow.

Doulas support all kinds of birth, both medicated and unmedicated.

Genet said...

Endre, you are the best doula on earth. I HIGHLY recommend you to everyone. If you ever need a reference, I'll be first in line. You are awesome! I could not have done it without you. (So any of you out there with pregnant friends who aren't sure if they would like having a doula, please have them talk to me. It's great!)

pixie cut said...

Thank you Genet. I am so grateful that I was able to be with you during your birth with Sarah. You are totally amazing and you were totally amazing during that birth.