Happy Pants

I just had to tell somebody... or every somebody.

I have recently submitted a few of my blog posts as articles to a website called Divine Caroline - they have articles about pretty much everything, and anyone can submit - and today/tonight I got an email that my article is being featured on the front page of their parenting section. It's the one I wrote about school pictures.

Check it out at divinecaroline.com. Click the little "I liked it" icon to show me some big love. The article is entitled "Say Cheese" by e.e.richards.


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Nika Travis and Ayda said...

congrats, that was a really funny one!!

The Laundry Queen said...

Big congrats, e!

Carter Family said...

Congrats! I read your blogs to Monique all the time... I even said... "she should publish her stuff... she's so clever!" You rock!

Amy Jo said...

Awesome! You are officially published!

Val said...

That's so cool! You deserve it. I'm constantly peein' my PANTS reading your blog! Way to go, girl!


Well deserved Pixie Cut.

And I will vote for you. Because I lovc your blog.

Genet said...

Congratulations! Now more people get to enjoy hilarity of your writing. You are my favorite!