Did Donna Martin wear pants to her graduation?

 In the house I just moved to, there is no cable television.  In fact, there was an antenna on the roof, until we asked that it be removed.  My bad.  I guess that that thing actually had a purpose.  Now, my family enjoys 5 semi-clear channels (12, 10, 8,6 and 2), and these thanks only to some fancy electrical tape/hanger contraption attached to the TV antenna (which is now a bendy cable coming out of the back of the TV and not the "rabbit ears" on top like back in the day.)  Originally, I went with, (what else?) aluminum foil, but apparently my husband is into the kinetic sculpture look we've got going on now.

The upshot of all of this is that I have yet to see the new 90210.  I know.  I am more than a little ambiguous about the revival of television shows from my youth.  It feels like Corporate America snatched my teenage memories from the box with my letterman jacket and yearbooks, shook off the dust and is now trying to sell them back to me as "new and improved".  They even used the original theme song in a transparent attempt to get it stuck in my head like some kind of clandestine special ops torture technique.  Duh duh duh duh, da duh duh duh - clap clap ... (that's the beginning of the song, by the way - apparently instrumentals don't translate into print very well.)  

I can't imagine what plot lines have been left unexplored for those kids from Beverly...Hills that is.  (Oops, wrong show.)  If I were a writer for this "new" series I would totally steal lines from the old show - word for word- and see if anyone noticed.  I for one, would love to see one of the new characters graduate, with the accompanying dialogue "Donna Martin graduates".  This may be one of my favorite TV lines ever.  I'm not sure why, but it makes my sisters and me laugh everytime we say it.  ("Me" not "I" right?)  Really, why throw out all that compelling drama when it could be reused and recycled.  Now that's what I call corporate responsibility.

The show I really wish they'd bring back is "The Wonder Years".  I loved that show.  I always wanted Kevin and Winnie to fall in love and get married.  (I was 14 and apparently more romantic than I am now.)  Except, I would still want Kevin and Winnie to fall in love and get married.  And that's what the series would be - happy, married, children, knowing that they never loved anyone else or even wanted to love anyone else.  No one would cheat on anyone.  No one would have a midlife crisis.  No one would get cancer or male pattern baldness.  No one would want Botox.  They would live together, get old together, and die together asleep in their bed, as flashbacks from their youth played on the screen.  That would be the series finale, obviously.  And at the very end of the credits it would read "Donna Martin graduates" and I would laugh... undoubtedly all alone. 

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Carter Family said...

I don't know that I want to watch it... Who can repeat Donna, Kelly and the gang?

Guinns said...

No, I would be right there laughing with you. And I'm sure Donna Martin did not wear pants to her graduation. But whatever she wore, I'm sure it showed a lot of cleavage!

leigh said...

I never watched 90210 because of young children in the house and I had a fear they would grow up to become like unto Tori Spelling who obviously got that job as a result of connections because she didn't match the other pretty pretty actors.

As for 90320ier, I'm pretty sure I'm SUPPOSED to be watching that thing because there have been hundreds of ads subliminally telling me to think so. I'm starting to suffer a little guilt about missing it.

The question is not did Donna Martin wear pants to her graduation, but does Mommacita need to add yet another item to the tevo list? Because I'm in front of that TV alot as it is and others are starting to whisper.

leigh said...

PS It's not Leigh. It's Mommacita. But we are as one. At least we are living in the same place without scratching each others eyes out, so that's just as good as being one, right?

Nika Travis and Ayda said...

I hate to admit it but within the first 5 minutes of the new 90210 it made reference to "donna martin graduate" I laughed and laughed... travis didn't get it