Who wears your favorite pants?

"Rants In My Pants" is a nominee for a Divine Caroline "Love! This Site Award". Please help me get enough votes to at least not be embarrassed. Just click on the badge on the right hand side and vote.

There will be a winner in each category plus 9 "Editor's Choice" awards, so I'd like to get enough support to get noticed. I'm not going to lie - I get money if I win... and (again with the not lying) - I like money.

Voting ends on DECEMBER 4th at 4pm (PT), so hustle on over there and show the love. You can also "share" with your friends via the Facebook, the Twitter and however else the kids are sharing these days.

Thanks for the support.

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1 comment:

grammy said...

I voted already so I can't go from my e-mail again.