Suprisingly large pants

I keep trying to write something witty and funny and enlightening about the birth of our son. I have started 6 or 7 times. I got nothing.

I guess some things really are just better left unsaid... for now anyway.

So... here it is.

Birth Day: 10/02/09 (I will be starting a campaign entitled "Due Dates Are A Big Fat Lie Perpetrated By The Man On Unsuspecting Women Who Can No Longer See Their Feet")

Weight: 9 lb. 10 oz
Length: 22 inches long,
Other random facts:
  • Huge shoulders (which I think they should measure and document on that little card in the baby warmer and the birth certificate... and maybe give you a t-shirt and a medal like at the end of a marathon. I wonder who I talk to about that.)
  • Lovely auburnish hair... which has all fallen out (except for the back and a few long scraggly ones on the top. Basically he has a middle age man comb over.)
  • Ears that are flat to his head... rather than the "elf" models that our other children were issued. (Thankfully they grow out of this.)
  • Pointy chin. He will thank me for that later. There's no hiding a weak chin.

And here he is...

And so it begins.

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mrs. olson said...

He's adorable!!!! Congratulations. Sorry about those darn shoulders!

side of fries said...

He's just gorgeous. You can tell he's smart, so it's just a big bonus that he's cute too. I guess he has it all! Many, many congrats... I can't wait to hear about life with four!

Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

I like that he waited an extra 16 days to come, better you than me. We sure do love him :)

The Laundry Queen said...

Love it! He's adorable, E. Fantastic!

grammy said...

I love his wrinkled little forehead, like he's trying to figure out why it took so long to get here. He is a love!

Amy Jo said...

I would like to meet this little man, and I would also like to meet Nika's little man.. this is why we might be taking another trip to Oregon in the summer! =)