Tooting my own pants.

I have another article featured on Divine Caroline.  It's the one I wrote about my niece's soccer game and is titled "Postcards From the Edge of the Soccer Field". It's on the front page, but you might have to watch for it for a minute because it flashes up in a series of featured articles.  It is also the featured article on the front page of the "Play" section.

I have to admit it's pretty cool, even though I suspect that it might be some kind of clever rouse to keep me going to their website rather than actual appreciation for the quality of my prose.  Oh well, at least I'm on to them.
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Val said...

I went there and there it was, in all it's glory! Great job. I read the post and it cracked me up all over again. Keep up the good work! (They're not paying you by any chance are they?)

Nika Travis and Ayda said...

Good work again!

grammy said...

I got to your article very late, somehow missed the post directing to the soccer article. It was great and I can tell you that feeling in your stomach never goes away.....it is in your genes.