{ Walk A Mile In Tiny's Pants }

I don't usually do this topic on this blog so much, but lots of people ask me what Tiny's treatments are like.  So I thought I'd give you a look.  (If you want to know more about hemophilia or need clarification on the terms just check out our family blog "The Bloody Good Life"... mostly because I'm too lazy to cut and paste it over here.)

Prophy day (we have a standing appointment at our center for once a week treatments:)

  • 7:30 wake up.  Have a nurse.  Have a bath.

  • Daily bruise inventory? Check.

  • Get dressed in short sleeves for easy vein access.  Go for a layered look with a sweatshirt to keep the veins warm and plumpy...and stylish.

  • Electronic distraction for 4 year old brother? Check.

  • Factor? Check.  Extra box of Factor?  Check.

  • Arrive at treatment center a little early for parking...

  • ... and playing

  • Favorite exam room?  Check.

  • Purple gloves.  You know you've got trouble when they pull out the purple gloves.

  • Pick a vein... any vein.

  • Mmmm.  Hot packs.  Warm veins are happy veins.

  • Mix the factor.

  • Cross your fingers for one good stick.

  • Let the good stuff flow.

  • Voila!  

  • Get big love from the amazing team.  Seriously.  They are like prophy Ninjas.

  • Get big love from Mom.

Done and done.  Now, what's for lunch?

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Genet said...

Wow! That kid is going to grow up to be one tough cookie. And his siblings are never going to get to complain about anything!

grammy said...

Poor little dog!!!

Happy Holmes said...

Thanks for the play by play, really! It was very interesting. Glad they got him in 1 poke!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Your little guy is such a trooper! And you, mom, are amazing. What a weekly ordeal to have to face, and still are able to share it. I am sure this post - and especially your other blog - helps a lot of people who are facing the same issues.

e. said...

Thanks for the compliment. Our clinic hematology is actually connected with another one at the children's hospital... oncology. It is quite good for my perspective.

Chelly said...

You're amazing, E~ and that little handsome is too! <3 Wish we could have seen you before we left! Hope you guys are doing wonderfully well :o)