What kind of pants does a doula wear?

If you are curious about what I really do as a doula, read this. It was written by a mom whose birth I had the privilege of attending. Women rock.

PS- I am not loving the picture of me. Just remember that I am very pregnant and had just done several hours of labor support. It tends to be hard on the makeup.
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Erika said...

It was the only picture I had of you, and you are wearing that awesome headband. If it helps, I don't think I look all that incredible in it either. Thanks again for being there!

Stephanie said...

Oh I am so jealous! I'm in the Eugene area and don't quite have the money to hire a doula and was hoping to find a doula who was in training and needed the birth experience, but I have yet to find anything. Hopefully I'll find something because that sounds amazing. I'm due with my first child, a boy, on November 18th.

(I found you through themomblogs.com)

Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

Endre was my doula too, she was amazing. Everything that Erika wrote was true! It made a really hard birth easier, thanks again Endre.

Genet said...

Endre is an awesome doula! It was a wonderful experience having her at my daughter's birth. Unfortunately, I think the babies we are currently carrying are going to end up being born on the same day!