MIssing my pants

Just wanted to let you all know that I am not dead (in the event that this were to occur please refer to the post about my funeral wishes), but my computer is. Dr. Dell has it now and I hope to have it back soon. (Actually, every computer I touch lately dies. Apparently I'm some sort of high speed serial killer.)

Anyway, I have access to library computers (with my three year old climbing on me and the homeless guy next to me. Luckily, he has a lot to say about how the government is watching the library internet connections - thanks... I'll be super careful when I email my top secret intel reports to the rebel/pirate mom's group in Somalia) - OR - I can use my husband's work computer - which was assembled circa 1992. I'm calling it Grandpa Joe (ala Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - the one with Gene Wilder because it's less creepy and I like Gene's ever -changing crazy hair.) I think Grandpa Joe is secretly laughing at my frustration with his tiny little keyboard.

So... the Grandpa Joe boycott is on and I think I'll be avoiding the library (I wouldn't do well under CIA interrogation). As you can imagine, I will be happy to have my lap top back so that I can sit on my bed and let the voices in my head do all the talking... and typing. Keep your fingers crossed for the beginning of next week.
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The Laundry Queen said...

I think you'd do just fine under CIA interrogation, actually. I think they'd be the ones crying at the end. Hope you get your computer fixed soon for all involved. (Oh, and for me, of course). ; )

Carlie K said...

I was wondering.........